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"Inside Dyslexia is an honest, provocative look into the world of learning disabilities. It shares with great warmth and humor the lives of three wonderful children, their parents and teachers. Never before have I seen such a clear and inspired understanding of what its like to be dyslexic. The documentary is both educational and caring. I recommend it highly to all stakeholders."
Catherine A. Nugent
Associate Executive Director, External Relations
National Center for Learning Disabilities

"Inside Dyslexia is about real children with real learning difficulties and how they and their families struggle to find strength while learning to advocate for themselves . . . . Informative, moving, inspiring!
Kristine Baxter
Head, The Churchill School and Center

"If education transforms, Inside Dyslexia witnesses a complete metamorphosis, not only as the film documents the struggles of three young students in New York, but as the film literally turns over the preconceptions and cultivates a new understanding within the audience..."
Jenny Russell
Educator, Berkshire Community College

"Inside Dyslexia is the closest you might come to getting inside the brains and hearts of three extraordinary young people who show us what it is like to live, struggle, and thrive with learning differences..."
Faye Ginsburg
Professor of Anthropology
Director, Center for Media, Culture and History New York University

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