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The Documentary

Inside Dyslexia is a 57- minute documentary about three kids with learning disabilities that communicates to people how overcoming these obstacles can become a source of strength.

Josh Easdon and Nate Hamlin, the filmmakers, are themselves dyslexic. So they know the importance of distributing Inside Dyslexia to students, faculty and the public. People need to be educated about learning disabilities, and they want to identify a common vocabulary that might bridge the gap between those with and without learning disabilities. Inside Dyslexia is a tool for beginning that dialog.

The term dyslexia is used casually these days, in jokes, movies, and on late night talk shows. It is offered as an excuse when someone goes left instead of right. But few people really understand what learning disabilities are, and fewer understand how it affects the individuals and families who live with the challenges of dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. For instance, in our society dyslexia is often interpreted as a weakness, but in reality being dyslexic means that a person processes information differently.

Amanda, Carmen, and Gio all have to work very hard to succeed. Inside Dyslexia documents their struggles, so the viewer is witness to actual moments at home and in the classroom that unfold in front of the camera. These real life moments are further articulated through personal interviews by Amanda, Carmen and Gio and by those close to them, which invites the audience into their unique and often over looked world.

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