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"Inside Dyslexia, is an honest and sensitive film inspired by two young men who bravely share their own first hand stories about learning differences. The film is about real children with real learning difficulties and how they and their families struggle to find strength while learning to advocate for themselves. It beautifully depicts the role of the supporting parents and teachers who play a role in the child's development. Informative, moving, inspiring!"

Kristine Baxter
Head, The Churchill School and Center

"Inside Dyslexia is an honest, provocative look into the world of learning disabilities. It shares with great warmth and humor the lives of three wonderful children, their parents and teachers. Never before have I seen such a clear and inspired understanding of what its like to be dyslexic. The documentary is both educational and caring. I recommend it highly to all stakeholders."

Catherine A. Nugent
Associate Executive Director, External Relations
National Center for Learning Disabilities

"Inside Dyslexia allows viewers to truly get to know three inspiring young individuals living with dyslexia along with their families and interactions in school. In the film we see challenges of living with this disability in a humorous and touching way. The film is an excellent educational tool that can be used to introduce what it means to be dyslexic to others."

Rebecca Hamilton
Advisor, I-LEAD Scholars Program
Bank Street College of Education"

" The two creators [Josh Easdon and Nate Hamlin] of this sensitive and illuminating film know personally the impact that a learning disability can have on all aspects of a teenager's life. Using their own experience as a foundation, they have woven together the days of three students, following them, their families and their teachers for three years as they all work around the obstacles that learning disabilities have thrown their way. The film is not sentimental, but we feel and care. Most importantly, we are enlightened, we understand."

Karen T. Schlesinger
Executive Director
Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc.
116 E. 16th St., 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10003

"Inside Dyslexia explores the lives of three youngsters growing up with learning disabilities. The film portrays their experiences with warmth and humor. The viewer is moved and inspired by the challenges and accomplishments of these children. I highly recommend this film for both parents and professionals interested in increasing their understanding of what it is like to live with a learning disability."

Debbie Zlotowitz,
Head of the Mary McDowell Center for Learning

" Inside Dyslexia is the closest you might come to getting inside the brains and hearts of three extraordinary young people who show us what it is like to live, struggle, and thrive with learning differences. The filmmakers -- who are themselves dyslexic -- have crafted a beautiful documentary that is as lively and compassionate as it is insightful and illuminating, one that puts the kids' point of view -- and their families and teachers -- at the center of a story that everyone should know."

Faye Ginsburg
Professor of Anthropology
Director, Center for Media, Culture and History
New York University

" The documentary, Inside Dyslexia , brings home the challenges and frustrations facing parents and their children, who have learning differences. It speaks clearly to the immeasurable value of having caring teachers with incredible patience who work with these youngsters to help them discover their strengths and "hidden" abilities. You come away thinking of how essential it is that learning disabled children are identified early and provided with the best teaching possible, which turns frustrated kids into successful adults."

Mary Ann Martin
Director of Development
The Forman School
Litchfield, CT 06759-0080

Dear Nate and Josh,

"People have been studying dyslexia for so many years and your documentary has provided such an incredible incite to the minds of the educators and teachers on a journey through the minds of those students. Most research has been done on a trial and error basis conducted by doctors and therapists, but you have captured the individual needs of the kids from their point of view and personal experience in academics and daily life. They developed to recognize their own potential, which is so much more powerful than another teacher saying to them ‘you have the potential, you just need to apply yourself’...we have all had that experience. But, what most people have not experienced is the powerfulness of your documentary and how you not only bring out the hero in each of those kids which their challenges, but how you bring out the hero in each one of us. I can't wait to share your movie with the faculty at my school."

Dana Stein Willinger
6th grade Teacher
Cloonan Middle School, Stamford, CT

" If education transforms, Inside Dyslexia witnesses a complete metamorphosis, not only as the film documents the struggles of three young students in New York, but as the film literally turns over the preconceptions and cultivates a new understanding within the audience. Watching the documentary, the viewer can hardly escape the roller coaster ride from exuberance to desolation and back again, experienced by each of these three kids as we follow their dramatic, emotional, but wholly successful movement from classroom to classroom, from defeat to delight.

Each significant step of their continuing journey through school has been followed over the years by Nate Hamlin and Josh Easdon with the reflection and compassion that only these two filmmakers, both dyslexic themselves, could have shown. They have frequented the same hallways of confusion and silences; they have experienced the same looks from teachers and classmates, parents and siblings, and they recognize the need for the academic and parental communities to follow them up to the board with its confounding math problem, out to the lockers with the hopeless crumpled folders, into the desk where layers of half-completed assignments, gloves, old lunches reside.

Once experienced, the moments of confusion, the quiet acceptance of defeat, the blank in the memory from two minutes previous, all become indelibly apparent to the viewer. The audience will not forget Amanda fidgeting with green markers over arithmatic or Gio almost crumpling as he realizes that summer school is inevitable or Carmen working on her class report, defying all nay sayers with convincing energy. When the lights go up after the film, the theater seems newly charged with the determination of each of these three. The audience is ready to return to schools and school boards, to classrooms and teacher conferences and ask, "Have you seen this film? Do you know how we can improve education and the lives of kids with learning disabilities? How can I help?" Which is to say that this documentary not only turns one’s mind around and teaches in a most effective manner; it inspires."

Jenny Russell, Educator
Berkshire Community College

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