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The Filmmakers

Josh Easdon and Nate Hamlin the co-producers for Inside Dyslexia are proud to have completed this enormous project that took 9 years in the making. Josh and Nate met while attending the Churchill School in the late 1970’s. They both went on to attend the boarding school Eagle Hill, where they then graduated and went their separate ways for more than 15 years, before reuniting to begin working on a documentary about students living with learning disabilities that would change their own lives.

Nate graduated from Johnson State College in 1992 with a B.A. degree in Political Science. His Interest in politics led him to a job at New York One News where he started his television career as a writer, producer and camera operator. In addition to directing various commercials and music videos he has also produced independent films; The Theory of the Leisure Class and The Unsuspected. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he produces House Hunters; a reality based series on Home and Garden Television. Josh has pursued a number of vocations, from working at Sotheby’s, to working on commercial and independent films. In addition he is a Squash pro. Josh completed his MA in Media Studies at the New School University in May of 2002. He is currently in production stage for a documentary called Hashim Khan: A Squash Champion’s Story. For more on this project please visit www.SquashFilms.com

Josh Easdon and Nate Hamlin have joined creative forces to create LD productions. Their goal is to use the medium of film/video as an alternative to reading in providing information and inspiration

Amanda, Carmen, and Gio

Inside Dyslexia explores the lives of three bright young adults living in New York City. Ten-year-old Amanda, of Sunset Park Brooklyn, is diagnosed with dyslexia, dyscalculia and attention deficit disorder. She has problems with reading, math and organizing her thoughts. Amanda is constantly disheveled and often loses her homework. Gio is a sixteen-year-old boy from Spanish Harlem, who struggled to pass his classes in order to avoid summer school. Inside Dyslexia documents Gio, a once shy teen transform himself into a young, responsible man. Carmen, a thirteen-year-old girl from Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, is dyslexic and has a passion for dance. She struggles with reading and math and though her verbal skills are above average, she is self-conscious when faced with her reading difficulties. She with the help of her parents and teachers make incredible improvements.

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